CoLabs’ Innovation Lab: Real Solutions


CoLabs’ Innovation Lab: Real Solutions

CoLabs’ Innovation Lab

Here at CoLabs, we’re more than just another software company. Our goal is to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to reduce paperwork and make unwieldy spreadsheets a thing of the past. And we know we can’t do any of that without real-time feedback from the companies and thought leaders who understand the issues. (That’s you). That’s why we launched our innovation lab.

We get it

Our founding leadership team understands that outdated software and processes can have a negative impact on productivity. We’ve seen it firsthand and we want to make it better. So we’re not going to build our products cold. We’re going to get input from valuable, informed partners every step of the way.

Big dreams

Each time we launch a product, we’ll be on the lookout for early adopters—companies who want a seat at the table in our innovation lab. We want that table to be a diverse representation of various industries, team, and functions. We’ll learn from our innovation lab members—everything from how their processes work today to the pain points they experience. What works? What doesn’t? How could a scalable software solution make things simpler?

Think about this: those partners will get a software product built by us using their input. They’ll get a custom solution at a subscription price. They’ll get a workflow that matches their business process. And then after that? Future customers get a platform that’s been tested and tried by not only our team, but the teams of bold industry leaders who had a vision and took action.

In recent coverage of a Deloitte study of early leaders in cognitive solutions and artificial intelligence, Forbes highlights that “83% of respondents said their companies have already achieved either moderate or substantial benefits from their work with these technologies.” Forbes calls AI a “game-changer,” and reminds readers that “being an early adopter doesn’t mean jumping into something quickly or blindly.” We’re with them—and that’s why we’re looking for partners to help guide our strategic approach.

How it works

There’s no question about it: our innovation lab model benefits all parties involved. Our team gets valuable feedback about our road map and product features, early adopters get a tool built just for them, and future users of our software reap the benefits of our collaborative, iterative process. But before we get to the last leg of that journey, what happens in between? Not to oversimplify, but we want to make it easy for our innovation lab members to work with us. Here’s how we break it down.


  • First, innovation lab companies identify their innovator. This is a positive team member who understands the ins and outs of the business process we’re improving. For example, in the case of IntelAgree: contract management.
  • Once we meet the innovator, we have a discovery call to learn more about the company’s process. We want to confirm we’re a good match, and start to deeply understand how our software can improve productivity for the team.
  • Depending on the timing, we’ll do an initial demo of the product to get things off on the right foot. After all, if you’re in the innovation lab, we want you in on the ground floor.


  • Throughout the software development process, we’ll check in with each and every innovation lab member. We want them to be a part of our process, every step of the way!
  • More specifically, we’ll have regular touchbase calls after each of our three-week sprints to show progress and discuss what’s up next.

Go Live

  • It’s true: this is where it gets good. As we work together, we’ll keep records of your feedback and of course, our progress. Then, we’ll decide as a group when each innovation lab company should take the product live.
  • Our partnership doesn’t end there. Once we set up innovation lab members on our platform, we’ll assign them a Customer Success Engineer so they have the support they need.

Real solutions to real problems

And that’s how it’s done. Easy enough, right? But a lot of people we talk to want to take things a step further. They want to know the “why” behind this model. We don’t blame you.

Here’s the thing: we love building software. We’re pretty good at it, too. We have a world-class team and a vision for creating tools that truly revolutionize and disrupt business processes in many different industries. But we don’t want to build software for software’s sake. We want to make our contribution count, and we know we can’t do that in a vacuum.

And that’s our “why.” Our leadership team, advisory board, and innovation lab members help us be sure that we’re chipping away at the right issue. You can’t build the right solution if you don’t understand the landscape—because you have to the solving the right problem.

If you like what you see, let us know. If you have an idea you’d like to see come to life, or a business issue that needs a creative solution, we’d love to chat. Let’s break ground together in our innovation lab.

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