Five Productivity Podcasts You Should Start Listening to Right Now


Five Productivity Podcasts You Should Start Listening to Right Now

What are you doing on your morning commute? Going over new products, preparing meeting agendas, answering emails? And don’t forget, at some point you need to build in personal development time! We believe the commute is just the time to do it. Enter podcasts.

Podcasts are a great way to get in a little development while you’re en route from one place to another. You can find ones as long or short as you need, and they’ve been around so long that it’s easy to find something for just about every interest. Here are five good ones to start with if you’re looking for podcasts that’ll check your personal development box.

The Get It Done Guy – Start Here

Stever (yes, with an “r”) Robbins offers a humorous and human take on the subject of productivity. He doesn’t waste a lot of time trying to convince you that you need to hack your productivity or offer heavy-handed criticism for what you’re doing wrong now. Instead, he identifies the problems he suspects you’re running into (because most of us are making the same mistakes!) and moves on to a solution.

Who It’s For: The new executive looking to improve work/life balance; anyone who could use a refresher or check-in with existing systems.

Beyond The To-Do List – Find Meaning Behind Productivity

Productivity isn’t about productivity…not really. If you aren’t using productivity to improve your quality of life and realize your vision, you aren’t really living. Beyond The To Do List is the brainchild of Eric Fisher, who wants you to live not just a productive life but a meaningful one. The podcast talks to people who implement productivity strategies in their personal and professional lives, all for the pursuit of a well-lived life.

Who It’s For: People looking to check multiple boxes: living with purpose, increased quality of life, and getting more done.

The Accidental Creative – Productivity for Creative Output

Todd Henry, author of Die Empty and The Accidental Creative, shares tips for using productivity to stay happy, healthy, and most importantly creative. Filled with actionable tips for using productivity life hacks to create space for creativity and innovation, this podcast helps creatives, entrepreneurs, and business owners cultivate a culture of innovation within their own lives.

Who It’s For: Execs and creatives feeling the pressure of scale and innovation.

The Productivity Paradox – Fight Burn Out

You’re so over productivity–you couldn’t possibly do another thing, and you’re overwhelmed with the idea of trying yet another system. Tonya Dalton offers you a way out. The Productivity Paradox addresses the burnt out systems you have in place and teaches you how to harness your own intuition to build a customized process that works for you. You don’t fit into the mold with business, so why are you trying to use a one size fits all productivity system? Instead, take these actionable tips and fascinating stories and be your own productivity coach.

Who It’s For: Outside-the-box thinkers, anyone who identifies as “tired.”

ProdPod – For The Busiest Execs

You don’t have any time to listen to a productivity podcast because you don’t have time, period. Your commute? Conference calls the whole way. ProdPod has you covered. Their unique two-minute podcast format gives you the chance to learn something new when you can, not just someday when you have more time. Ray Sidney-Smith is a small business evangelist (read: consultant), but his actionable podcast is relevant to a range of executives who don’t have a lot of time.

Who It’s For: Short attention spans, multitaskers, and those who live five minutes from the office.

Bonus: NPR’s How I Built This

Our list wouldn’t be complete without How I Built This. More than productivity tips, it’s a podcast featuring real stories from real people. It focuses on the how and why of productivity, and leaves you feeling validated and understood – because you aren’t alone, even in the sometimes lonely world of management and executives.

Who It’s For: You don’t care about the system, you care about the people behind the system. We see you.

The Why

Productivity is more than a way to work yourself harder. It’s a vital part of maintaining a work-life balance and encouraging your most innovative work. Podcasts allow you to connect to the ideas and revelations of those who’ve been there before, and could help you see productivity in a whole new light.

If nothing else, you’ll walk away with a few tips you can implement at work, and a better understanding of how your mind and habits shape the world around you. Don’t just be productive. Be innovative. 

PS: We love podcasts so much we’ve got our own! Check out a couple of our most popular episodes below, or subscribe and download on iTunes!

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