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We accelerate contract management so legal teams can do impactful work, not busy work.
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IntelAgree Customer Testimonials


John Higgins, SVP of Administration and GC

Tampa Bay Rays

The way I see it, there are two major benefits to using IntelAgree. The first one is that my job is to make everybody’s life easier. If they can spend more time selling and less time preparing documents for review or negotiating terms, that’s a win-win. And the second one is the level of consistency among such a large group of people. The standardization of language has been a huge benefit.


David Ward, VP of Logistics

Ward Logistics

The ease of the whole process—getting a contract on board and using the system—it’s all very easy and user-friendly. It’s smooth, and not clunky. And some systems are really clunky…. If you want visibility into your company, this is the ultimate tool.

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