Notifications: Are Your Team’s Stuck in the Aughties?

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Notifications: Are Your Team’s Stuck in the Aughties?

IntelAgree wants to keep you posted and make sure you don’t miss a thing—and we’ve got a super-awesome, brand new way to make it happen. You could say our contract management platform just wants to be where you are—much like good old Donkey in Shrek. But less talkative.

What do we mean? Well, we’ll back up and start at the beginning.

Notifications: The Old Way

Picture yourself back in 2008. Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” is the number one song on the radio. Obama’s just been elected. And corporations are really beginning to leverage social media and digital communication to get more of your attention. For example: email. Got a new Facebook like? You get an email. MySpace comment? You get an email. People checking out your LinkedIn? Email.

The new ease in communication was wonderful, but maybe we didn’t need to hear all this via email. The issue was that we didn’t have a say in how (or how often!) that info got to us. Maybe we preferred to be notified in other ways—when we logged in and visited these social media apps themselves, for example. With so many notifications coming to just one platform—email—some of us found it harder to pay attention to them. And at some point, we started tuning out all the noise.

A Better Way

Don’t get us wrong—we’re not trying to knock email. We just want you to have options, so you can do business the way you want to do business. That’s why we’re trying something new.

If we could get some of our important work notifications in other ways—for example, through our preferred messaging platforms like Slack, Skype, Hipchat, Teams, etc.—it’d be even more helpful. We could cut through to what’s really important and respond in a timelier way. Enter shout-outs.

Introducing Shout-outs

IntelAgree’s “shout-outs” mean there’s no need to wake up in the morning to an inbox full of system-generated reminders about your contracts. On the flip side, you don’t have to log in to IntelAgree to sift through those reminders, either. That’s the beauty of it. With shout-outs, you opt in to only the reminders you need, then let IntelAgree know how you’d like to be reached.

Notifications: Old vs. New

Let’s look at this two ways:

Say you’re using some other contract management platform. Throughout the day, there’s activity on several of your contracts, and each time it’s triggered an email to you. Now you’ve got 19 of them. In one day. And when you log into the system? You have to click into every single message to get that twitchy notification bubble to disappear.

At close-of-business, you get yet another system-generated email, letting you know it’s time to sign your latest agreement. That’s the email you’ve been waiting for all day, but you’ve stopped paying attention by that time. But why? You know these contracts are important.

Well, it’s possible that, just like back in 2008 when social media and digital communication became the way of the world, you’ve started tuning out the noise. You want to see the notifications that require action on your part quickly, and you want to receive other updates (wait for it: via email!) in a quick summary format. In other words, what you need is a personalized way to stay informed about the notifications that relate to you.

Now say you’re using IntelAgree. Remember how your preference is to receive a notification only when it’s time for you to do something? You’ve put those preferences into the platform. Since you’re a Slack user, when the time comes for you to sign your latest contract, IntelAgree pings you on Slack. You click the link from there and e-sign your contract, so it can keep moving down the line to the next person. Simple!

More Notification Options

And hey, if you prefer email? No problem! We know lots of people use email as their to-do list and are still happy to receive email reminders. Just let IntelAgree know when you enter your preferences.

Another trick? IntelAgree lets you use a combination of notification styles. Maybe you like to receive everything via email so you can keep it all in one place, but you want a text message for certain important activities—such as when a contract’s about to expire so you can take action. Great! IntelAgree can handle it.

And, some users may especially want a notification for exceptions. Maybe you want to know right away about a deal with super-high insurance provisions, or particularly valuable contracts, so you can investigate any red flags (or congratulate your sales team!). IntelAgree can be configured so you can tell it what you want to track—then it picks out those items and keeps you up to speed, wherever you are.

And, what if users want to keep track of what’s going on with their contracts, without being notified of each activity? IntelAgree’s activity feed has you covered, displaying anything you missed since you logged in last.

Keep on closing

Here’s the gist—while Shrek wouldn’t have been nearly as funny if Donkey only spoke when Shrek wanted him to, IntelAgree wants to tailor your communication to your style. IntelAgree works the way you work, and its shout-outs want to show you only what’s relevant, in the way that’s useful to you. We think it’ll streamline your entire contract process, keeping things moving as users are able to quickly complete tasks and actions once they’re getting truly relevant, personalized notifications. And with IntelAgree’s AI/ML components, it continues to learn from you the more you use it.

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