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with AI-driven contract analytics

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Our machine learning identifies, extracts, and analyzes your contract data so you don’t have to.


  • Accelerate decision-making with searchable contract data
  • Reduce risk exposure and ensure compliance
  • Shorten contract cycle time to close deals faster
  • Manage higher volumes of contracts

IntelAgree can read any agreement, whether it’s your paper or third-party paper, making contract analytics easy. Choose from 100+ pre-built machine learning models, from general commercial terms to compliance terms and more. We regularly add new models to this list, ensuring you can find contract data faster. You can also create custom models to find industry-specific terms and clauses.

Find what you’re looking for with our most popular pre-built models:

Additional Insured
Indemnification (by party)
Governing Law
Commercial General Liability
Limitation of Liability
Non-Solicitation Description
Non-Solicitation Period
Force Majeure
Payment Terms
Record Retention
Termination (for Cause and Convenience)

Learn how AI-driven contract analytics can improve your bottom line.

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