IntelAgree’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019

Contract Management

IntelAgree’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019

As we close out another year at IntelAgree, we’re reflecting on our top blog posts of the year. From artificial intelligence to collaboration to contract management, here’s what our readers were most excited about in 2019. Thanks to everyone who’s been reading along with us.

On to the blog posts.

1: Why Good Enough is Killing Your Business

You don’t always have time to innovate every aspect of your business, but when companies settle for good, they often miss their chance at greatness. Here’s a look at three companies who paid the price—and how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

2: Embracing a Culture of Collaboration

Team collaboration is a popular topic around here. Maybe you’re already on board, but your organization hasn’t gotten there yet—check out this post for more on how to get buy-in from your team and your leadership.

3: What is Contract Management: The Essential Guide

Contract management 101; plus, the tools and tricks that can speed up your contract management process, no matter your role or industry. 

4: ABCs of Digital Adoption

Adopting new tech is tough, but if you’re ready to increase your efficiency, it could be time. Here are a few things that can help make for an easier digital transformation than blind adoption.

5: 7 Books You Should Read ASAP 

The IntelAgree team isn’t kidding around when it comes to books. We’re always reading something, and we love to talk about our latest inspiring read. Here are the books our team read and loved in 2019.

6: 6 Fields Proving Machine Learning is the Future

You’ve already seen the effects of machine learning in your Netflix queue, or perhaps your music streaming service of choice, but other areas are just as primed. Take a look at what AI machine learning is and a few industries it’s revolutionizing.

7: Pre-sale Contract Checklist for Staffing Firms

There are a wide variety of things staffing firms can do to prepare to sell, but one of the most overlooked ones is having their contracts in order. That’s why we’ve created this pre-sale contract checklist.

8: Why AI Could be Your Next Employee of the Month 

AI can provide valuable support for your team’s higher level tasks, making it possible for them to accomplish more without feeling the burnout. Be willing to rebuild even your legacy systems from the ground up to avoid coming out on the wrong side of disruption, and turn AI into your next valued team member.

9: COSO and Contract Management: What Your Compliance People Wish They Could Tell You

Every aspect of your CFO’s job comes down to your contracts and how they’re written. Here’s what they’re saying about the IntelAgree features that help them with contract risk management.

10: 5 Productivity Podcasts You Should Start Listening To Now

Ever considered using your commute time for personal development? Here are five good productivity podcasts to start with if you’re looking for entertainment that checks your personal development box.

Bonus: One of our most popular blog posts of all time, from 2018: Why You Need an AI-powered Contract Repository

Humans are problem solvers, not data collectors. That’s why you need an AI-powered contract repository—not just to store or organize your contracts, but to bring your human capital back to where it needs to be, building relationships and innovating.

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