IntelAgree 2020: Q&A with Sarah McNulty, Director of Product Design


IntelAgree 2020: Q&A with Sarah McNulty, Director of Product Design

2019 was a big year at IntelAgree, and we’re looking forward to more to come in 2020. And who better to sit down and give us all the intel on what to expect than our Director of Product Design Sarah McNulty? Read on for all the details, including our most exciting new upcoming features.

Give us a refresher. What is IntelAgree, and who can benefit from using it?

IntelAgree accelerates contract management so legal teams can focus on impactful work, not busy work. As a contract management software, we’ve heard over and over again that attorneys and contract managers spend too much of their time maintaining spreadsheets and painstakingly searching through contracts to find agreement terms and conditions. IntelAgree uses templated contract creation, machine learning models for data extraction, robust search, and reporting functionality to streamline those repetitive tasks and allow legal teams to concentrate on what they do best. Other business areas can also benefit from IntelAgree’s risk-reduction features such as reminders, approvals, and favorability ratings.

How did IntelAgree change and grow over the course of 2019?

2019 was a huge growth year for IntelAgree. We went from laying foundational building blocks to developing complex, customer-driven features. We made huge leaps forward in streamlining IntelAgree’s Machine Learning model training process with improved contract markup, hints, and a quality check accelerator feature. And we improved contract setup and generation with table enhancements and Nested Templates. IntelAgree’s search functionality is now more advanced, mobile-optimized, and includes search and compare functionality. We also built a robust API and multiple integrations.

What was your favorite project in 2019?

We worked on so many exciting projects over the past year—it’s tough to pick a favorite. I think I’m most proud of the work we did to advance our search feature. Search is a core part of IntelAgree so it was essential we get the user experience right. We spent a lot of time researching and working with customers to define the problems we were solving: inaccessible contracts housed on shared drives, overwhelming spreadsheets, and hours upon hours spent manually combing through language to find key terms. The resulting features intuitively guide the user through search, provide immediate access to contracts and terms within those contracts, and make it easy to export results into reporting spreadsheets. I’m excited to continue work on search in 2020 to make it even more advanced. 

Did you get any memorable feedback about the CLM platform in 2019?

I’m blown away by the positive feedback IntelAgree received over the past several months. Legal teams are excited to implement the platform and start eliminating spreadsheets and other repetitive processes. We’ve received so many comments about how user-friendly and clean the interface is, which makes my designer heart very happy. My favorite feedback this year was when, during a demo, a customer’s response to every screen she saw was “wow.” I love that.

What’s the vision for IntelAgree in 2020? What are you most excited about?  

I’m so excited about the 2020 IntelAgree roadmap. This is the year we’ll be tightening up existing features, perfecting usability, and delivering new features we hope will truly delight users. Our biggest push for Q1 is a online signature platform overhaul. We’re taking that experience to the next level and I can’t wait to get it in front of our customers. Some other exciting features slated for 2020 are a more granular permissions structure, user-customizable dashboards, and an Executive Summary. It’s going to be a good year for IntelAgree. 

We couldn’t agree more. Thanks so much, Sarah!

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