Contract Manager: A Day in the Life

Contract Management

Contract Manager: A Day in the Life

If you are a contract manager or work in contract management, you probably find the scenario below pretty familiar – and more than a little stressful! Check it out – then read on to see how we help contract managers daily.

Contract Management - a day in the life

Contract Management - A Day in the Life pg. 2

But never fear. IntelAgree’s features were created to help with every single pain points of a contract manager. Here are just a few: an AI-powered contract repository, notifications to remind you of upcoming dates and deadlines,  security protocols, as well as when contract terms fall outside your normal parameters; and customized dashboards with at-a-glance reporting. We’ll even show you exactly how it works – reach out and request a demo today.

P.S. Want to download or print a version of this Day in the Life? Just click here!

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