Category: Innovation

Books to read

7 Books You Should Read ASAP

The IntelAgree team isn’t kidding around when it comes to books. We’re always reading something, and we love to talk about the latest thing that inspired us. And now we’re sharing it out! Without f...
Startup meeting

Why You Should Work With A Startup

Think about the last time you researched a major purchase. Chances are, you showed a preference for established brands that have been around for a while. Let’s say the name brand of the product was...

A Guide to Your Software Developers

Ah, software developers – those brilliant beings who form the very backbones of our organizations. They keep things going inside our websites and our software products when, to most of us, their ge...
Innovation Lab

CoLabs’ Innovation Lab: Real Solutions

CoLabs’ Innovation Lab Here at CoLabs, we’re more than just another software company. Our goal is to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to reduce paperwork and make unwieldy spr...
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