Announcing Calculated Attributes: More Contract Data with Less Effort


Announcing Calculated Attributes: More Contract Data with Less Effort

What if you could surface more contract data without the headache of manual calculations and data entry? With IntelAgree’s Calculated Attributes, you can do just that.

For example, say a contract is missing an Expiration Date, but it includes an Effective Date and an Agreement Term. Calculated Attributes will populate the Expiration Date value using the values of the Effective Date and Agreement Term. No more manual calculations to determine Attribute (i.e. term) values. Now, IntelAgree calculates it for you, enhancing your search and reporting experience.

How do Calculated Attributes optimize your contract management?

  • Expedite the contract creation process
  • Surface more data when you import new third-party contracts or upload executed agreements
  • Improve data integrity on commonly calculated values
  • Less burden on you (the contract creator) to do calculations on your own
  • Data more readily available for search without manual entry

Getting Started with Calculated Attributes

Configure calculations for any Attribute with a numeric or date value by checking “Calculated Attribute” on the Contract Type Attribute’s edit screen.


Select the Attributes and an operator to create your calculation.

By using only information about the Agreement Term and Effective Date values, IntelAgree can calculate the Expiration Date.

Your newly Calculated Attribute value will appear on Contract Details:

Also, if a value needed for the calculation was missing when the initial calculation occurred, the Calculated Attribute can be recalculated through the Actions menu.

There you have it! Calculated Attributes not only give you more data to work with, but they also make your contract management process more seamless.

Ready to take advantage of Calculated Attributes? Contact your IntelAgree customer success team.

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