10 Tech Blog Posts You Should Read Today


10 Tech Blog Posts You Should Read Today

New around here? Catch up on what you might’ve missed on the blog! From artificial intelligence to collaboration to customer success, here’s a roundup of our top 10 blog posts – grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and read on!

How AI Can Modernize Your Business Processes

Two for one! This post breaks down the main takeaways from a recent webinar where we partnered with AgileThought to talk – what else? – AI! Read on, then follow the link to the webinar for more!

Collaborative Innovation: The Group Project You Don’t Want to Miss

Think fast: who are the last three partners you’ve collaborated with? Can’t think of anyone? That’s a shame, because collaboration is known for creating growth for businesses and increased value for customers. Read on to see how to get started!

Embracing a Culture of Collaboration

Yep—collaboration is a popular topic. Maybe you’re already on board, but your organization hasn’t gotten there yet—check out this post for more on how to get buy-in from your team and your leadership.

Women who Code

See how CoLabs is committed to building and supporting a diverse team – and how you can get involved!

Customer Success: Welcome to a New Era

Customer service is experiencing a shift in philosophy – see how the customer success model relies on a hands-on, proactive approach, and helps you keep customers longer.

True Cloud Architecture

Everyone’s talking about the cloud. We debunk three common myths about it, so you can take full advantage of everything true cloud architecture has to offer (hint: it’s a lot).

Contract Management: A Day in the Life

Want to show your leadership why your organization could benefit from an AI-powered contract management system? Just download this handy infographic, and they can walk in your shoes for a few minutes!

A Guide to Your Software Developers

See the best ways to leverage your devs’ strengths and tap into their creativity.

Why You Should Work with a Startup

They may not feel totally established – but startups are lean, mean, and focused on solving real issues. Don’t count them out. Here are a few tips for knowing when a startup is the right partner for your organization.

Why You Need an AI-powered Contract Repository

Humans are problem solvers, not data collectors. That’s why you need an AI-powered contract repository—not just to store or organize your contracts, but to bring your human capital back to where it needs to be, building relationships and innovating.

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